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   Smart Home Design is one of Southern California’s most respected residential systems firms, providing state-of-the-art solutions for discerning clientele who appreciate the benefits of properly applied new technologies.

   Smart Home Design prides itself with providing clients solutions which truly transform their home into a truly “Smart Home” while increasing their enjoyment, safety and security. Our solutions not only take home ownership to a new level but greatly increase the value of our clients most prized investment, their home!

   Smart Home Design has designed, engineered and installed systems that offer home entertainment, environmental controls (lighting, climate, and energy), communications, security, safety and networking infrastructure for a variety of residential applications. These applications include custom solutions for Media Rooms, Indoor and Outdoor Home Theaters, Distributed Audio and Video Systems, Lighting and Shading Controls, Pool and Irrigation Controls, Surveillance, Access and Security Systems.

   We pride ourselves in having established a unique process along with world-class Clients service and workmanship, delivered by our team of passionate experts who strive to exceed our clients’ expectation every day. Our unique process assures that the final product achieves the original design intent and that the system installed is maintained and kept current as technology progresses.